HBLOG - Creating our first Blog. Part - II

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HBLOG - Creating our first Blog. Part - II

Post by pablo-botella » Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:07 pm

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Post bycarles » Fri Mar 13, 2020 8:47 pm )


Continuing the process to blog design our blog, today's objetive is try to add some buttons to every entry. This button will take us to another screen where we can see the detail of the corresponding entry.

We also can see how the header of both screens are just the same. On our design we will use the views to make more easy the maintenance process.


After execute our super blog with our latest changes we will see something like this:



We already have our bare blog with quite functionality. The logic is working and we can see the different layouts of our project: Router, Controller, Model and View. By have digest this mini project and understanding the flow, if we can do 2 we can do 100. Everything properly disposed and our code properly sorted.

We will be adding our modules, so we have the next one to be that can be added to the other from the previous day


All the code is in the repository https://github.com/carles9000/hblog2 , You can do a lone or just download the code. We will name the project hblog.

And that's all.

All the step by step explanations are on the video -> https://youtu.be/iG6ozz0TXYs

After done the exercise have upload it to the server, and without and is working without make any change

You can test on ->

And we will keep here in the forum the 2nd part of this workshop.

In the next session will build the styling design layout, and make it a bit more fancy

Nice weekend.

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